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Welcome to Dracut.net

This is a development site using CSS3, HTML5, and JQuery to incorporate Responsive Design. View this page in different browsers and different devices to see how the site reacts. To get the full range of features, view it in a modern browser like IE10 or Google Chrome. Click on the 'Intro' link again and the text will shrink again. You can hover on the header to have it change color and grow.

Allegro This is wafer magic using animated gifs!

Allegro This is wafer magic using CSS3!

CSS3 and HTML5

This shows how CSS3 can align things into tables and have them show differently using different screen resolutions. The following are all list items. Resize the screen and look at this page with different devices.


Brian Duff


CSS3, HTML5, JQuery

This animation will work in Chrome, IE10. If you are viewing it in IE9 and lower, you are looking at a beautiful square. This animation is triggered through JQuery when you click on the Animation link.


This form does nothing but show how inputs and buttons can take different shapes, and how HTML5 can tag them as required, and offers built-in validation. They can be styled based on whether or not they are validated.